March 2018

8 MARCH 2018: Uncrating the engine

The 1st challenge with the engine is to get it off the crate and onto the engine stand, but another problem I had was that the crate was sitting in my front garage, with my workshop at least 70m away. A usual block & tackle was not going to do the job. I needed something with wheels so I can move the engine to my workshop.

I eventually drove through to Adendorff Machinery and purchased a mobile engine hoist (Link). Before I could lift the engine out the crate, I had to undo a couple of bolts on the engine that was connected to the crate for shipping, as well as remove the fuel inlets to ensure I don’t damage them with the engine hoist connected with ropes to 4 x bolts screwed to the side of the heads.

Here is a picture of the crate motor mounted on the Engine stand after lifting and moving the engine. I purchased this engine stand through TakeAlot.

I Lifted the engine using the engine hoist and then bolted the engine to the engine stand. I think it is a worthwhile tool to invest in, as there is quite a bit of work that will need to be done on the engine, and having the engine bolted to an engine stand will certainly make the job a little easier