December 2017

20 December 2017:

I am still waiting for shipment of my 1st order. In the meantime, I have been building the Dolly Trolley for the Chassis, as well as starting another project.

My 1956 Porsche Speedster Replica has been standing outside in the sun, exposed to the elements for the last 20 years.

It it time for a complete makeover while I wait for the Ultima to arrive.

The Dolly is also required for this project, as I had to strip the car completely and remove the body from the Chassis.

Below is a picture of the Dolley I made. After welding everything up, I painted it black and added some heavy duty castor’s so I can easily move things around in my workshop.


  • MIG welded chassis
  • Full Roll Cage
  • Alloy panel kit including double skin options
  • Pedal set and passenger footrest
  • Gear change mechanism for cable-driven Porsche gearbox and handbrake lever
  • Steering column and steering rack
  • Wheel hubs front and rear as well as AP Racing disk calliper and handbrake kit
  • Brake and clutch master cylinders and brake line kit
  • Front mounted radiator system with pipes and brackets
  • Ultima wiring loom
  • Front and rear suspension and damper kit
  • 18″ Rims fitted with Pirelli Pzero’s
  • Side luggage containers