April 2018

1 April 2018 – My Stage 1 order from Ultima is finally ready for shipment. They guys at Ultima sent some pictures of the chassis and other boxes ready for shipment.

Hellman Wolrdwide Logistics delivered a 20ft steel container on Wednesday 4 April which was dropped to the ground to allow the Ultima team to load the chassis and other components into the crate.

1 April 2018 – As part of stage 1, I ordered the wheels and tyres. I had to ask Ultima to pre-fit the tyres to the rims as for some reason you are not allowed to import tyres into South Africa without a special tyre import permit. This restriction does however not apply if tyres are pre-fitted to Rims before shipping – go figure.

4 – April 2018. All my parts and the Chassis finally wrapped, packages and loaded in the shipping container, ready for a long trip down to South Africa

4 – April 2018. Hellmann Worldwide Logistics loading the steel container, ready to go. Thanks to Richard Marlow from Ultima sending me some pictures.


7 April 2018. I ordered various components from DIYElectronics to help me plan for my digital gauges and control systems. I ordered two Adruino Uno developments boards, a Rasberry Pi 3, a 10.1″ touch screen TVF display and various different sensors, including temperature sensor, distance sensor and more. I also ordered some Wifi and Bluetooth modules for the Adruino boards to emulate my wireless steering wheel buttons. For hooking into the vehicle CAN bus, I hot the CAN bus controller shield for the Adruino. Until I have finalised the ECU I will be using, I will generate some dummy machine data on the CAN bus to read from in order to test the digital display cluster.